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Customer Reviews

Trimming my pups nails is always a hassle, but this nail grinder make it so much easier. It is quiet and there is no cord to deal with. His nails come out nice and smooth too, which I love! It is much easier than trying to use the clippers. I would recommend this to anyone who has a nervous dog


My dog HATES getting his nails cut but he sat much better with the grinder. Bonus! I have a kid who always has scraggly nails from being a boy and he thought it was cool to use on his own nails. No fighting, smooth nails... it's a win! the beast part is, I don't have to remember batteries!


My pet is 5 months old teddy and she is shy and sensitive. I love to trim nail for her because this is my first puppy I searched out how to properly cut my pet`s nails.45 Angles is really great and it works. I got this skill easily and i finished all 4 paws trimming for my pet within 10 minutes.


This is the first nail trimming device I feel confident using because of the slot for the dog?s nail. OMG, it?s pretty perfect. One of my dogs wears a leg brace which prevents the nails on that leg from naturally grinding down. I?ve tried other grinders and clippers. This one has that slot for his nail!